VitalBet, the website for which we incepted GIFcoin’s ICO, rebrands to Buff88.

Less than 10 days after we reached our Soft Cap of 5,000 ETH, which made the project already a success, we’d like to share with you another major update.

We’re incredibly happy to announce the completion of a major milestone on our roadmap – the release of an updated version of the platform software. On the roadmap, we promised to release a new, slick design and top-notch user experience. Prepare to be mind-blown.

Meet Buff88 and Its Ground-Breaking Design

As you already know, online gambling is a gigantic, multi-billion dollar industry. An ever-growing part of it is eSports betting, especially in Asia, where people literally go crazy about their favorite video games and players. In this regard, we decided to rebrand VitalBet to Buff88. In the next lines, you’ll understand why this is a smart and logical decision.

The number of eSports players, both amateur and pro, is set to skyrocket in the coming years, which will skyrocket eSports betting, hence the bookie’s revenues.

The new website, Buff88, is created with the mindset of a gamer. The eSports section, with its easy-to-use layout and unrivaled betting options, enchants both experienced players and newcomers alike.

What’s Behind Buff88’s Name?

There are three symbols behind Buff88’s name:

The Monkey King – the Emperor of eSports

The Monkey King (pictured above), also known as Sun Wukong, is a God figure, which is featured in innumerable legends, stories, and books all across Asia. In more recent times, this figure reimagined as a character in different video games, especially in DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Sun Wukong is agile and strong, but he’s also stubborn and eager to try out his luck and wits against more powerful opponents. The motives that lie behind the Monkey King’s mischievous and energetic nature are defying the rules and striving to be the best, even if that means becoming equal to the Emperor of Heaven.

Naturally, this is why we chose him as the mascot for Buff88 – the Emperor of eSports.

The Lucky 88

In China and across all Chinese-speaking regions, the number 8 is considered lucky. On one hand, that’s because of the perfect symmetry of the number. On the other hand, the pronunciation of the number 8 “bā” sounds close to the “fā” as in “fācái”, which translates to “make a fortune”.

What about 88?

If you are a fan of eSports, you are most probably familiar with the term “buff”. It means “a positive effect which increases the effectiveness of a certain skill or a power”.

Buff88’s variety of 25+ eSports, along with their specific bet options, will surely be one’s IRL betting buff.

GIFcoin and Buff88 Revolutionize the Crypto Betting Ground

While GIFcoin’s ICO is still not over yet, we have achieved another roadmap milestone – adding more cryptocurrencies as deposit options at Buff88. In fact, besides the most popular digital currencies – BTC, ETH, and LTC – you can deposit with 50+ other altcoins.

GIFcoin paves an exciting way not only to die-hard punters but also to smart investors who realize the enormous potential of the online gambling industry. As an early investor, you have the rare chance to get your entrepreneurial hands on an appetizing chunk of this industry’s enormous profits. We are set to share 80% of Buff88’s net profits with you, depending on your share of GIF tokens.

Grab your tokens with a juicy 15% now before the ICO has come to an end and enter the realms of the Emperor King.